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Information for First-Time Vistors
Walking into a church for the first time (or for the first time in a long time) can be intimidating. Please be assured that at St Stephen's, you'll receive a warm, enthusiastic welcome. We're genuinely glad that you've chosen to worship with us, and we look forward to meeting you. (And if you have kids, we're happy to see them, too)

FAQ's regarding worship

Follow Along
The information projected on the front wall is the basic guide to the service. All of the service, Bible text, and songs are there. Hymnals & Bibles are also in the pews.

You can be yourself
We generally stand to sing, sit during readings and the sermon, and stand during prayer. Practices vary among individual worshippers. Some -- but by no means all of us -- cross ourselves at various points in the service and some, during the praise service raise their hands toward heaven. These actions are personal aids to individual worship and are purely optional. Everyone is encouraged to do what feels right for them.

Will I be welcomed?
The individuals and families who worship with us come from all walks of all life, practically every faith tradition, and very often from no religious background at all. They come to center their lives in God and to figure out how best to make a difference in the world.

Communion is Open
You are welcome to take communion as you wish or not to go up for communion at all. The communion table is God's table, and no one will be turned away. Both wine and grape juice are available. Children may come forward to receive a blessing.

Enjoy Coffee & Pastries
Following worship, you are invited to join us for a cup of coffee and a variety of pastries in the church entry way. We'll introduce you to some other folks.
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